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Usc Professional Services Agreement

4. Comparable services that meet comparable needs shall be provided by the same or similar bodies using public service personnel. (a) A personal services contract is characterized by the employer-employee relationship it establishes between the Government and the contractor`s staff. The Government is generally required to recruit its staff through direct recruitment through appointment procedures or other procedures required by civil service laws. Obtaining personal services by contract and not by direct rental circumvents these laws, unless Congress has expressly authorized the purchase of the services by contract. (b) Agencies do not award personal service contracts unless expressly authorized by law (e.B. 5 U.S.C. 3109). (f) Personal service contracts for the services of individual experts or consultants are limited by the Classification Act. In addition, the Office of Human Resources Management has established requirements that apply to the provision of personal services of experts or consultants in this manner (e.g. B, benefits, taxes, conflicts of interest). Therefore, the contract staff member must carry out the necessary coordination with the competent civilian staff office.

(1) An employer-employee relationship under a service contract exists where the Contractor`s personnel are subject to the relatively continuous supervision and control of a public servant or government employee because of (i) the terms of the contract or (ii) the manner in which they are administered during performance. However, ordering a particular item or service with the right to refuse the finished product or result is not the type of monitoring or control that transforms a person who is an independent contractor (for example. B, a contractor) to a government employee. Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) Checklist • Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) Form • Work Condition Assessment Form • Appendices A and B are no longer included in the published ICA form View forms (d) The following descriptive elements should be used as a guide to assess whether a proposed contract is personal in nature: (3) Services are directly related to the integral efforts of the agencies or an applied Subdivision organization to promote the assigned function or mission. (2) Main tools and equipment provided by the government. Check cancellation and reissue forms are now on USC eMarket. See this page for instructions on how to do this. More information International transfers are used in the following circumstances: To pay foreign suppliers and foreign persons who do not accept other payment methods; and to reimburse the expenses of foreign guests. Learn more Mobile Communication Resource Authorization Form • Non-Travel Expense Statement • Travel Expense Reports Learn more(s) If a specific legal authorization is specified for a personal service contract, seek the advice and guidance of a lawyer. If you require assistance completing this form, contact the Office of the Comptroller at (213) 821-1900 Submit a Request (5) The need for the type of service provided may reasonably take more than one year. (iii) Retain full personal responsibility for the function supported by a duly authorized public servant or federal employee.

The Single Prepaid Card is a debit card issued by Swift Prepaid Solutions, Inc. to provide a one-time payment to individuals participating in clinical trials, research studies, or incentive programs at universities. Read more (2) Each contractual agreement must be judged in light of its own facts and circumstances, with the key question always being: Will the government exercise relatively continuous oversight and control over the contractor`s personnel performing the contract? Sporadic and unauthorized supervision of only one of a large number of contractors could reasonably be considered irrelevant, while relatively continuous government oversight of a significant number of contractors should be strongly considered (see (d) below). (6) The inherent nature of the service or the manner in which it is reasonably provided requires, directly or indirectly, government instructions or oversight by the Contractor`s staff to: – Professional Services Agreement Checklist • Scope of Work Guidelines • Professional Services Agreement • Photographer/Videographer Services Agreement • Colour and Carpet Procurement Forms. . . . .