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Test Ride Agreement

This contract is between __________________________________________motorcycle_ if the item bike is returned to the seller without further damage, the seller must return the entire , to the driver and all others; The obligations shall be deemed to have been fully fulfilled. In case of damage to the rider to the motorcycle during the test drive, the seller may, according to his chosen choice, request that the current sale be made at full price and all the others; The obligations shall be deemed to have been fully fulfilled. The contract in its entirety states that the endorsement will pay the required total purchase price of . . . with the seller while the cyclist performs the test on the bike in question. You comment with your account. (Separation / Modification) Note: This article is not intended to provide legal advice and I am not a lawyer either. Please use it at your own risk and discretion. Risk Management and Release: I hereby assume the risk of all of the above risks, hazards and hazards, as well as any damage, injury or loss that may occur to me or my property as a result of my use or inspection of an ONYX vehicle or equipment provided by ONYX, including, but not limited to, risks. Dangers or dangers caused by the negligence of ONYX Motorbikes, Inc./Onyx Motorbikes Global Holdings, LLC and all of its shareholders, directors, officers, managers, members, employees, lessors, insurers, lawyers and agents (collectively, the “Onyx Parties”). I expressly release and indemnify all Onyx Parties for any injury, loss or damage arising from the use of an Onyx Vehicle or related equipment by me or my family, whether caused by the fault of me, my family, an Onyx Party or any other third party. This press release contains, but is not limited to, claims based on: negligence; defects in the design, manufacture, adjustment, maintenance or inspection of the Onyx motorcycle and related equipment; failure to provide, inspect or maintain the area where the onyx motorcycle is operated; and failure to provide appropriate instructions, technical advice or safety equipment.

I agree NOT to sue or assert claims against the Onyx Parties for injury or damage related to the use of the Onyx Motorcycle and related equipment. This section does not cover claims for gross negligence, wilful or reckless misconduct, or other liabilities that cannot be excluded by agreement under California law. In exchange for allowing me to test the bike for a reasonable period of time and at a reasonable distance from the VanMoof point of sale, I acknowledge that I expressly understand and accept the following conditions: This agreement is between ______________________________________________________motorcycle________________________________ I acknowledge that by signing this document, I assume the risks and accept them, DO NOT SUE AND INDEMNIFY BUDGET BICYCLES INC (DBA BIKE ONE) AND EACH OF ITS RESPECTIVE AGENTS, SUPPLIERS, EMPLOYEES, VOLUNTEERS, MEMBERS, SPONSORS, PROMOTERS AND AFFILIATES (COLLECTIVELY, THE “INDEMNITIES”) AND THAT I WAIVE MATERIAL LEGAL RIGHTS. THIS RELEASE IS A CONTRACT WITH LEGAL AND BINDING CONSEQUENCES. I READ IT CAREFULLY BEFORE I SIGNED IT, AND I UNDERSTAND WHAT IT MEANS AND WHAT I ACCEPT BY SIGNING IT. Given the use of the test bike provided to me by one or more versions, I freely accept and give the following assurances and contractual agreements. I ACKNOWLEDGE THAT CYCLING IS AN INHERENTLY DANGEROUS SPORT AND I FULLY ACKNOWLEDGE THE DANGERS OF TESTING A BIKE, WHETHER AS A CYCLIST OR OTHERWISE, AND I ASSUME THE RISKS ASSOCIATED WITH SUCH PARTICIPATION, INCLUDING, by way of example, and without limitation: the dangers of collision with pedestrians, vehicles, other conductors and fixed or moving objects; hazards arising from surface hazards, including potholes, equipment failures, inadequate safety equipment, the releaseee`s own negligence, neglect of others, and weather conditions; and the possibility of serious physical and/or mental trauma or injury or death related to cycling activity. For myself, my heirs, executors, administrators, legal representatives, assignees and assigns (collectively, the “Successors”), I HEREBY WAIVE, INDEMNIFY, RELEASE FROM ALL LIABILITY AND PROMISE TO INDEMNIFY AND HOLD HARMLESS THE INDEMNITEES AND THEIR RESPECTIVE REPRESENTATIVES FROM ALL RIGHTS AND CLAIMS, INCLUDING CLAIMS ARISING FROM THE INDEMNIFIED`S OWN NEGLIGENCE, THAT I HAVE OR TO WHICH I AM ENTITLED LATER. and for any damage that may come to me directly or indirectly in connection with or from my use of a bike provided by BIKE ONE. I agree that it is my sole responsibility to drive constantly so as not to endanger myself or others. I TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THE CONDITION AND SUITABILITY OF THE TEST BIKE AND MY BEHAVIOR AND AGREE TO IMMEDIATELY STOP RIDING THE TEST BIKE IF A PROBLEM WITH OPERATION SHOULD OCCUR.

I agree to wear a helmet that meets the requirements of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and that can protect against serious head injuries and assume all responsibility for the choice of such a helmet. I do not have any physical or health problems that would endanger myself or others or impair my ability to use the bike provided by BIKE ONE. I agree on my own behalf and on behalf of my successors that the above statements are contractually binding and are not mere grounds for consideration, and that if I or my successors make a claim contrary to what I have agreed in this Agreement, the claimant party will be liable for the costs (including attorneys` fees) incurred by the Released in defending the claims. . . .