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Co-Ownership Agreement Vacation Property

I will continue to be the sole owner of my LLC business that I run on the property. This is a condominium (only two partners) of your own holiday home, which includes a user agreement and a tailor-made exit strategy. IT IS NOT TIMESHARE, IT IS NOT A FRACTION, it is a co-ownership of a single property with a qualified and compatible partner. VPP associates potential partners and associates these partnerships with appropriate real estate. Adam and Brad consult a lawyer to see what they can do to arrest Charlie. The lawyer gives Adam and Brad the bad news: there is nothing they can do to stop Charlie, because a co-owner can sell, give or give his share of the property to anyone at any time. Your accountant, financial planner or real estate investment advisor is a good starting point to discuss condominiums. Once the planned actions, the duration of ownership and the nature and value of the property to be acquired are known, it is possible to obtain legal advice. These models of share-sharing agreements are for the “classic” of equity participation, in which the resident and the investor are in the title and the role of the investor is limited to the aid to the deposit and / or the assistance to the qualification of a mortgage. We offer different variants; which of them is right for you depends on the investor`s tax considerations and the proximity of the investor-occupant relationship.. .

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