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Call Option Agreement Template South Africa

immediately inform the Beneficiary of any developments that may result in a breach of the commitments entered into in this clause 12 or impede the implementation of this Agreement or any of the transactions provided for theref, provided that no disclosure by a party within the meaning of this clause 12.2 prevents or cures an incorrect presentation or breach of an obligation. “agreement” means the agreement set out in this document, as well as the annexes to this document; The shares of a company subject to the call option agreement are called “option shares”. Optional shares can be either: the company can grant the call option for the issuance of new shares, or a shareholder for the transfer of existing shares. A stock exchange (option holder) and a licensor (the existing entity or shareholder) are parties to the option agreement. The fellow may be a natural or legal person. The parties wish to document their agreement to the foregoing and related matters. On the closing date of the Put option, a sale is made automatically, under which the exchange sells to the licensor and the licensor buys the option shares from the lessee on the terms set out in this clause 8 and the other provisions of this Agreement. The Fellow thus grants PK Gain, JAA, Sabvest Finance and Sabvest Investments (together the “Call Option Holders”) and the Call Option Holders agree to the grant of an option allowing call option holders to request exchange holders to sell and transfer all option shares (not just a portion) of the option shares to those of call option holders who have as their object the acquisition of the option share within the meaning of clause 17, subject to the terms set fore in this Agreement (“Call Option”). Holders of call options (acting in common) have the right to designate another entity to acquire all or part of the option shares under the call option, provided that the exchanger gives its prior written consent. compliance with all conditions to be established under such agreements (which include essentially the same conditions as those contained in the amended and adapted RCF). Without prejudice to the conclusion of any or all of the operations provided for in this Agreement, remain in force and remain in force; and each shareholder thus waives all reference, take-away and tag along rights he has in respect of option shares, whether under the MOI, the shareholders` agreement or others. . .