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Advantages Of Settlement Agreements

As the outcome of many labour legal claims is uncertain and potentially costly, the agreement route allows for a simple, consensual and quick solution to the termination of your employment relationship. Click here for a full list of the most common terms you`ll find in a transaction agreement. Click here to contact us or call 020 7100 5256 and ask Philip Landau or email him at For example, if employees agree to layoffs, a settlement agreement can describe how it works and what the obligations of both sides are. This may imply that the worker who accepts a dismissal does not agree to re-apply for a job in the organisation for a certain period of time, accepts a confidentiality clause and the employer pays an agreed amount as compensation through a redundancy package. Have you been called to an “Off the Record” meeting? Don`t see yourself on an equal footing with your employer? Has a redundancy package been proposed? Were you told to keep this to yourself? Something has been brewing for a while? A settlement agreement may not be that far away. On this blog, we will highlight some of the benefits of the diversity of legal documents that resolve disputes in the important employer-employee relationship. Entering into a settlement agreement to settle a labour dispute is almost always less costly and much less resource-intensive than including a right against your former employers. Ethical leadership: If the claims are unfounded, the company might want to dissuade others from following a similar path by proposing a financial deal that could be perceived as a “currency of silence.” A settlement agreement (formerly known as a compromise agreement) is legally recognized as a legally binding contract between an employer and an employee, either towards the end or shortly after the termination of the employment relationship. It sets the conditions of departure between the parties and, after its signature, prohibits the worker from taking legal action against the employer with regard to his employment relationship and / or termination of work.

This is usually done in exchange for a termination payment and other benefits also set out in the agreement. The main benefit of entering into a settlement agreement is to create security between the parties and a clean friendly break with your employer. You benefit without exception from a tax-efficient payment as part of the agreement, as well as a reference to work and clauses that ensure that your employer does not make you bad. In return, your employer can ensure that you will not exercise any rights against him in the future. The settlement agreement only becomes mandatory when you have received independent legal advice, usually from a qualified lawyer, and that lawyer has attached a certificate confirming the advice given. Once finished, it is as if an labour court has made an order at the full hearing – there is no going back. Transaction agreements can be used in many circumstances, including the following (whether or not there is a previous dispute): Speed: This means you`ll get a financial deal sooner, normally within 28 days. I was very happy this week to have been interviewed by the BBC as part of the Sunday Politics West Midlands programme.

The debate has focused on comparison agreements, as shown by some recent BBC research, which has highlighted an increasingly large expenditure by a city council on these agreements, so I was asked to shed light on a subject that is not easy. Settlement agreements aren`t just useful to large companies, where they have a whole host of legal teams waiting to organize these kinds of things. . . .