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Third Party Employment Agreement

In order to defend any claim by third parties, the contracting parties can exercise any defence they can claim in the event of an infringement, for example. B, misrepresentation, coercion or undue influence. The regulation also protects the parties from “double immersion” by providing that they cannot be held responsible for the same loss, both to a contractor and a third party. Outsourcing contractors or leasing agencies – contractors or leasing agencies are employers and not third-party candidates and are expected by the principles of professional professional behaviour of employers. These are organizations that contract with client organizations to provide a specific functional area that the organization no longer wishes to exercise, such as Z.B. Accounting, technology services, human resources, cafeteria services, etc. People hired by the outsourcing or leasing company are paid and supervised by the company while they work in the premises of the client organization. The duration of this contract begins with [START DATE] (start date). The employee accepts and recognizes that the company, just as it has the right to terminate its work with the company at any time for any reason, has the same right and may at any time terminate its employment with the company for any reason. Each contracting party can terminate this activity by a written notification to the other party. Temporary work agencies or staff services – temporary employment agencies or staff services are employers and not third-party recruiters, and are expected to adhere to the principles of professional behaviour established for employers. These are organizations that have contracts to provide qualified people for the performance of certain tasks or for the realization of specific projects for a client organization. Individuals do work in the organization of clients, but are employed and paid by the agency.

The regulation provides that a non-party person may apply a contractual clause where there are many cases where two parties can enter into a contract in whole or in part for the benefit of another person who is not a party.