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Shared Care Agreement Gp

The submission form must be completed and approved prior to the writing of a new Joint Care Agreement (ACS). Decisions about who should take responsibility for subsequent care or care after the first diagnosis or assessment should be based on the patient`s well-being and not on your comfort or the cost of the medication and on the monitoring or follow-up associated with it. In the case of the proposal for a common care plan, specialists can advise the patient`s family physician what medication should be prescribed. If you recommend a new or rarely prescribed medication, you should specify the dosage and means of administration and agree on a protocol for treatment. You must explain the use of unauthed medications and deviations from recommended guidelines or treatments and provide sufficient information to both the family physician and the patient to allow for safe treatment of the patient`s condition14.14 If you were prescribing, on the recommendation of another doctor, nurse or other health professional, you should check that the prescription is necessary. , appropriate for the patient and as part of your competence. They should take into account the wishes of a patient if he wishes another person, . For example, a parent, partner, friend, caregiver or lawyer is either involved in discussions or helps them make decisions. In these circumstances, you must follow the guidelines set out in paragraphs 7 to 21.

If you are not sure if you are responsible for continuing the care of the patient, you should seek further information or advice from the doctor with whom the patients are being cared for or from another experienced colleague. If you are still not satisfied, you should tell the other doctor and the patient and take appropriate precautions to take care of them. Sometimes it is difficult to give patients as much information or decision-making assistance as you like, due to time constraints or limited resources available. To help you, you need to consider the role that other members of the health team could play and other sources of information and assistance available.