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Ontario Fho Agreement

Primary Care Advisory works with FHO members to develop a governance agreement that meets the specific needs of the group. As a neutral third party, we can facilitate group discussion by allowing all members to participate fully and anticipate and address issues such as leave, on-call time and doctor exchanges. We can help create a governance agreement if you move to the WSF and help amend an existing agreement to better serve your practice. If you have already moved to the FHO model, you have a governance agreement. Do you know what`s in it? Do you know where he is? Is there a cost-sharing agreement? And the most important thing is that it has been tested on stress? If you would like more information about one of the ENHanced-FFS models or would like to register on one of the ENHanced-FFS models, please contact a program analyst at . Family Health Group (FHG) is offered to groups of three or more physicians to provide comprehensive basic health care and after-hours services to their registered/assigned patients. We will provide a detailed checklist and ongoing professional support to address any issues that may arise when implementing an OHF governance agreement. The WSF Governance Agreement requires you to look at yourself: there are a number of patient registration models developed for different population groups or geographic areas: there are additional specialized models in Northern Ontario. Both models offer comprehensive support in a combination of regular and post-hour services. These models are also integral to information technology and preventive health services, chronic disease management and health promotion.

Among the most important differences in the FHO compared to the FHN are the base rate payment, the corresponding basket of basic benefits and the calculation of the access bonus. Primary care is the first point of contact between a patient and the health system and includes disease prevention, health promotion, diagnosis, treatment, rehabilitation and counselling. In Ontario, primary care has moved from a system of independent, mostly paid physicians to more advanced group practices, based on patient registration and comprehensive care. If you would like more information about any of these special northern models, call 1-866-727-9959. NOTE: The Ministry of Health has temporarily suspended the acceptance of all documents and faxes sent and faxes relating to application programs.