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Ceo Employment Agreement

Steven D. Hunt (“CEO”) and U.S. Premium Beef, LLC (“USPB”) enter into this agreement amending the employment agreement between U.S. Premium Beef, LLC and Steven D. Hunt, 2010-2015 employment years (the “employment contract”); this agreement to amend the so-called “Second Amendment” as follows: On behalf of the Board, I am pleased to offer you the position of Chief Executive Officer at Unity One Capital Incorporated. (the “society”). This employment contract presents you with the terms of our job offer for your consent and consent. As a general rule, no severance pay is paid in the event of dismissal for an important reason, which is why the definition is so critical. As a general rule, the agreement provides that the executive has nothing beyond what was due before the termination, as well as all free movement benefits. In the event that your job is terminated by the company for another reason or if you rightly quit your job (as these terms are defined below), the company agrees and you agree to accept as the sole and exclusive recourse to terminate your employment, the following benefits and agreements regarding severance pay: Confidential information, information on how they are used here is information about the company that, as a result of your employment, will be disclosed or learned by the company that is not known to all of its competitors, including, but not only, this information on research and development, trade secrets, sales, products, services, accounts, , customers, buyers of company products153s, marketing, packaging, merchandising, distribution, production, finance, technology, intellectual property (patents, design patents, trademarks, clothing, copyright), strategies, business structures, operations, companies or other business or business plans.

Duration of agreement. The agreement may set the duration of the employment and/or simply provide that the contract is maintained indefinitely until it is terminated by one of the parties in accordance with the agreement.