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Articulation Agreement Uc Berkeley

Below are course descriptions and documents that you need to submit to your joint manager for evaluation: Information on articulation agreements (course notes) at the University of California and other campuses can be found in the course lists below. General learning conventions identify a course model that can meet the requirements of lower general education services. The model a student should follow depends on whether transfer colleges and majors are being considered, and ask a Berkeley City College counselor for help understanding the most appropriate choice. Education agreements include: Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC), which is mainly used for multi-UC application and/or UCs and CSUs – this is not recommended for high proportion majors. CSU-GE Broad requirements are only used for applications from CSU member states; and UC campus-specific agreements are sometimes an option that is used based on the combination of transfer universities and majors. Please contact us if you notice any abnormalities with our joint; z.B. a change of course number and title. For specific questions, email us at: CED is very keen to enter into joint agreements with California community colleges across the state. See the list of higher education institutions that offer courses that have already been approved (note that this table is static and ASSIST always contains the most current and official agreements).

If your California Community College wishes to offer courses for approval, please follow the procedure and guidelines outlined below. Not all 4-year-old university campuses offer articulation with any university in the community or for all their majors or departments. Many 4-year-olds focus on their main foster colleges. This does not mean that you cannot transfer as a student. This means that you must speak directly to a Berkeley City College counselor and a 4-year admissions counselor. In addition, each 4-year-old university campus will have different joints with different community universities, even if they are colleges in the same district. For example, Berkeley City College, College of Alameda, Merritt and Laney have different articulation agreements, although they are sister schools. Nor can you assume that a community college course is accepted in the same way at different 4-year universities. UC Berkeley, for example, does not automatically use a course like UC Los Angeles. Applicants must complete all the basic preparation courses necessary to be admitted.

Please check to see the articulation agreement between the University of California, Berkeley and your college. Advanced Placement and international bachelor`s exams can be used to benefit students in two ways. Tests with a score of 3 or higher for AP tests or 5 or more for IB tests can be used for unit credit. Units from credit-bearing examinations can help students meet the unit`s minimum requirements, but are not included in the unit`s maximum admission directive. Students can also use AP and IB exams for general and/or technical credits and are asked to check or for details.