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Wodonga Tafe Pacct Agreement

Victorian TAFE professors in alternating universities are covered by the following dual sector agreements If an enterprise agreement is in effect, the price does not apply. 9.3 If an agreement is reached, a request is made to the Commission. 24.10.1 A worker earning a salary that is not higher than the salary prescribed for the higher level of pacct 6 may, by mutual agreement between the worker and the institute obtained before overtime work, take a period of leave instead of an overtime allowance calculated in the same way as that provided for in point 24.9 for the remuneration of overtime worked. Increases made according to the previous principles of the national wage case or according to the current declaration of principle, with the exception of those resulting from enterprise agreements, cannot be used to compensate for arbitrary adjustments to the safety net, subject to the agreement between the employer and a majority of the workers concerned to make a public holiday on a day other than that prescribed on 25.1. , the agreed day is the bonus leave and the leave itself becomes an ordinary work day. The employer will notify the union of such an agreement within seven days. Links to individual business agreements on the Fair Work Australia website 16.4.3 The rates of pay in this price include adapting the safety net to be paid under the Safety Net Review – Wages June 2005 [PR002005]. This adjustment of the safety net put in place can be compensated at an equivalent amount in the wage rates collected by employees whose wages and conditions of employment are governed by this bonus and which are higher than the wage rates prescribed by the premium. These premiums include salaries payable on the basis of certified agreements, current operational enterprise flexibility agreements, Australian enterprise agreements, bonus deviations for the application of enterprise agreements and over-price agreements. Absorption contrary to the terms of an agreement is not necessary. A worker may, in agreement with the employer, take unpaid nursing assistant leave. (see ss.113A and 113B of the law) If an employer or worker wishes to enter into an agreement in the company or in the workplace: 14.2 A specialized, administrative, administrative, office, educational and technical staff member of a technical and continuing education institute performing tasks above level 8 (according to the system and between the Victoria Colleges and Universities Staff Association (now NTEU) and the TAFE College Councils Association of Victoria (now Victorian TAFE Association) , in accordance with the restructuring and efficiency agreement of 23 June 1988, is not paid in accordance with this distinction.