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Video Studio Rental Agreement

The use of plant studio facilities and facilities is done at its own risk. Tenants waive the right to seek redress in the event of an accident, accident and/or loss. The tenants agree to leave the studio and the non-adjacent in the same condition as they were when Renter arrived. Tenants are solely responsible for all legal offences tenants or members of the tenant party during the execution of the planned booking, whether in our studio or elsewhere. These include parking tickets, personal abuse claims or any other offence or citation, as well as legal actions arising from the execution of the studio reservation, which is taken at any time. Tenants are solely responsible for the safety and well-being of models, production assistants or other employees who accompany tenants or are hired by retirees. Tenants are solely responsible for verifying that all models used during the tenant`s rental period are major for the activities in which they are supposed to operate. The tenant undertakes to be solely responsible for the behaviour and well-being of all the people who accompany the tenant during our office. Werk Studios is not responsible for determining or verifying the age of participants in the tenant`s activities. 11. Werk Studios employees have the right to check the equipment and/or studio at any time during the term of the rental. You must take all necessary precautions to allow a Factory Studios employee access to the devices and/or studios. In the event of a violation of any of the terms of the lease, Werk Studios has the right to remove access to the devices and/or studios without any responsibility to you and without prejudice to the factory studios.

16a. We do not accept bookings for events or parties at this property. All photo/video booking requests are verified and may be rejected depending on the type of booking. 6. Please leave the studio as you found it… If a cleanup/reorganization/adjustment is required to return the studio to its original state, you can charge a $30 cleaning fee. Smoking is prohibited in the factory. It is permissible to smoke in the backyard (Studio 321) provided you dump your erased butts into an authorized container (home or garbage can). The tenant accepts that the studio assumes no responsibility for damages or injuries caused by the use of rental property to the tenant or a third party. The tenant takes care of all the risks of personal or bodily harm.

If there has been an accident with the studio rental items while in the tenant`s possession, return to the studio with a written statement on the details of the event, including the police report and the names and addresses of witnesses, if any. If the parties are unable to resolve controversies or claims arising from this agreement, they agree to submit the litigation or seek binding arbitration proceedings under the American Arbitration Association`s trade rules. This arbitration procedure takes place in Austin, Texas. The parties also agree that such controversy or application will be referred to an arbitrator selected from the arbitration bodies of the American Arbitration Association, that they will faithfully respect that agreement and the rules, and that they will respect and execute an arbitrator`s award and that a judgment of the competent court may be entered into the award. The dominant party in such an arbitration is entitled to an additional legal and fee fee in addition to any other facility granted. 50% retention is required to keep studio and rental items and the date of the event. The retention is applied to the final count and the balance is due on the date or date of your rent. The date and rental/studio items will only be reserved when the signed storage and rental contract is forwarded and received to the studio.