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Ticketing Agent Agreement

The parties have been involved in legal proceedings. The proceedings focused on whether this proposed new sales model could also be considered an agency agreement. Not after the Court of Appeal. Under the new system, the travel agency does not receive a commission from the airlines, but can charge customers who purchase the tickets compensation for its services. This means that there is no longer mediation for which the airline has paid commissions before. There is an agreement between the travel agency and the customer in which the customer pays the surcharge on the ticket price for the services provided. In this case, the applicant is the ANVR, an association that promotes the interests of the travel agencies that are members of the association. An air transport contract was in effect between these travel agencies and a group of airlines (respondents). On the basis of this agreement, the relevant travel agency (the agent) may sell airline tickets issued by the airlines for compensation from the airlines. This agreement can be considered an agency agreement. In a recent case between, on the one hand, the Dutch Association of Travel Organisations (ANVR) and a group of airlines, on the other hand, the Court of Appeal had to rule on the appropriateness of an agency agreement. What is this agreement and what can you conclude in such an agreement? Thomas van Vugt, a Dutch lawyer specializing in the agency agreement, explains what the term means.

In addition, the company undertakes to provide the travel agency with sales and marketing materials to promote the accommodations and services listed in this agreement. We have the right to sell SEEQA under a licensing agreement between Corporate Traveller and Amadeus (the “Amadeus license”). To the extent permitted by law, you do not acquire any rights under the Amadeus licence and Amadeus has no obligation or responsibility to them, including, but not limited to, any liability or obligation arising from a contract, warranty or other obligation regarding your access and use of SEEQA. When the Amadeus license expires or ends, your rights to access and use the services provided there expire immediately. The travel agency undertakes to obtain and maintain appropriate insurance with [Company.Name] as “other insureds” for the duration of this contract. The travel agency will offer items listed in this agreement to businesses and consumers as part of travel packages.