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O Licence Maintenance Agreement

The Freight Transport Association (FTA) estimates that more than 50% of the safety deficiencies discovered by its vehicle inspection service should have been recovered during the driver`s taxi control. As an operator, your operator`s driver`s license requirements for the ability to drive are partly in the hands of your drivers and your maintenance provider, but at the end of the day, the goat stops at home – a disappointing idea that should remain the first to choose who controls, who controls and drives your vehicles. Responsibility and liability can never be contracted. If you conduct your own inspections and safety interviews, you must keep records that include: What are the chances of needing a new battery after four years? How long does the fuel pump last? When should the clutch be changed? If you buy an R-M contract, you`re essentially paying for all these unknowns to be the responsibility of the maintenance providers. Transmission of this unknown risk will never be cheap and the magnitude of this risk will increase disproportionately with the duration of the contract if the likelihood of component failure increases. So if you`re entering into a long R-M contract, you`re paying to take more risks – it`s not because of the extra work and parts needed as the truck ages and the miles accumulate. Use these key points as a guide to help you plan and implement a compliant and efficient maintenance system for your vehicles. Once the two-year repair and maintenance contract is concluded, he negotiates a second contract with Solway Daf, but this applies to service and inspection, not to the full MR. The work can be assigned, but the responsibility for safe, legal and efficient maintenance is always left in the user of the vehicle. Daf and Mercedes-Benz, for example, are taking this two-step approach to their maintenance programs, but other manufacturers prefer to offer more choice. Volvo Trucks, for example, offers three levels: blue, silver and gold. Blue is essentially a service contract, while Silver and Gold are both R-M contracts that offer different levels of inclusion. MAN has another one with four maintenance contracts.

All include ventilation and restoration. Iveco sits at the top of the tree: its Elements program offers no less than five levels, so operators can fine-tune their coverage.